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2 Things You Can Do for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 2, 2014 Distracted driving and the Car Accidents it causes is growing epidemic in the United States today, especially among teens. Earlier this week, the National Safety Council released data showing cellphone use is considered a contributing factor in … Continue reading

3 Types of Car Accident Damages Victims Can Be Compensated For

The moments, days, and weeks that follow being involved in a car accident can be extremely confusing. One of the first questions victims typically ask after receiving medical treatment and assessing the damage is, “How am I going to pay … Continue reading

Study Shows Medical Errors Claim 440,000 Lives Per Year

March 28, 2014 A new examination of patient records shows a lack of hospital safety may play a part in more patient deaths than previously believed. According to an article from Consumer Reports, as many as 440,000 patients in the … Continue reading

Texas Doctor Discusses Risk of Oil Spill Injury for Clean-Up Workers and Area Residents

March 26, 2014 When environmental disasters occur, like the recent oil spill that occurred off the Texas coastline after two barges collided, wildlife and the area’s human residents are not the only ones at risk of suffering an Oil Spill … Continue reading

Oil Spill Caused by Boat Collision in Texas City Dike

March 24, 2014 Living on the Texas coastline comes with the risk of disasters and accidents that can cause serious Environmental Injuries. One of the greatest dangers is presented by exposure to toxic oils and gas, as the extrication industry … Continue reading

Houston Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Pedestrian Safety Tips

March 21, 2014 When a person travels by foot along the street, there are numerous dangers they face from the traffic that surrounds them, especially in Texas. Data from the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that during 2009 alone, there … Continue reading

Texas Dog Bite Injury Risks: Rabies

March 19, 2014 When a person suffers a dog bite wound, they not only have to worry about the damage done to their tissues, organs, and bones, but also about the risk of deadly infections. One of the most dangerous … Continue reading

Dangerous Work Environments: The Oil and Gas Industry

March 17, 2014 The oil and gas industry is one of the largest growing economic sectors in the state of Texas. The increase in volume of extrication taking place in the state has also, unfortunately, come with a skyrocketing number … Continue reading

Reports Indicate Risperdal Could Cause Serious Health Problems in Patients

March 14, 2014 The manufacturers of the medications Americans consume have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their products through a rigorous testing and approval process. Sometimes though, new medications fall through the cracks of the system and cause … Continue reading

Common Defective Products: Children’s Toys

March 12, 2014 The manufacturers of the products we use every day are responsible for ensuring those items will not cause consumers harm. Any failure to do so can result in massive recalls of the Defective Product. Some of the … Continue reading